What Are Chef’s Knives Used For?

The chef’s knife is among the versatile knives you should have. Its sharp and broad blade makes it ideal to use for a diversity of kitchen tasks. Also, the curved blade enables rocking the knife back when cutting, making it great for slicing and chopping a variety of veggies and fruit. The broad heel of chef’s knives enables the knife to withstand heavy-duty chopping, cutting and is perfect for cutting harder food ingredients such as meat, root vegetables, and potatoes. The common features of Chef’s knives include;

• The blade
Chef’s knives commonly come with a broad triangular blade. These types of knives are more of westernized culture. The Japanese only began manufacturing their chef’s knives version because of the rise in demand for this style of knife. The Japanese version of the chef’s knives is known as Gyuto knives.

Westernized-style chef’s knives are either German or French. The German-style chef’s knife has a deep curving continuously along the cutting edge. The upward curve enables you to get fine chopping cuts. On the other hand, French-style chef’s knives feature a lesser straight edge that curves upwards at the tip other than having a continuous curve.

• The bevel
some types of knives can either be single or double beveled. However, chef’s knives are double beveled. They are also thicker as they are designed for all types of foods.

• The handle
Most chefs’ knives are full-tang, enabling them to fit in hand comfortably. They have a bolster between the handle and blade that helps in preventing the knife from slipping. The handles are mostly made of water-resistant materials such as the Japanese magnolia for higher durability.

Chef knives are essential to have in your kitchen and highly useful for everyday dicing and slicing. If you are looking for a sturdy knife that easily cuts through several food types, a chef’s knife is a great option. It is an excellent knife that you should have in your household cookware.