Types Of Knives

There are many types of knives. Kitchen knives are probably your most familiar knives. These are the knives in most kitchens in America. Chefs knives are best for cutting thicker meats and foods. Chefs knives along with regular kitchen knives come in a knife set. Vegetable knives also come in a knife set. Use these for slicing and preparing your vegetables.There are also certain knives called slicing knives. These knives have blades designed for easy cutting whether if that is for meat or for other foods.

There is a such thing as a universal knife. Universal knives like bread knives or peeling knives are commonalty used in many places around the world. A bread knife is ideal for slicing bread. It is designed to cut different types of bread. A peeling knife is good for peeling fruits and vegetables. A boning knife and a filleting knife tend to get confused. Boning knives are more thick and stiff.

Some knives may not be as known in American cuisine. But there are several other types of knives used in other types of cuisine. For example, there are certain knives used in Japanese cuisine. These knives are called Japanese knives.

A sushi knife does exactly what its name says. It is used to slice, dice and prepare sushi. Santoku knives are Japanese knives used for slicing and mincing. The blade is flat and is rounded. These knives are becoming more popular in American cuisine.These knives are shorter than the typical American knife.

Knives get dull from time to time. It is important to keep knives sharp so they can easily cut what you need them to cut. Consider using a grindstone to keep the blade of your knives sharp. Whetstone is a cutlery brand that also provides sharpening tools to sharpen knives.